Moving Forward While Standing Still

Riding around the back roads of Kentucky you see a lot of things, but tobacco barns became one of my favorite things to photograph.  And not one to be backed down by an additional challenge, I found I liked to take pictures of them from a moving car.

As most camera junkies will attest, part of the lure of taking pictures is the excitement of seeing the finished product.  Usually it is the case that the shot you thought would be phenomenal, isn’t and the other shot you took too quickly and on a whim, turns out to have the magic.


All of this is still true when taking photos going sixty plus miles per hour, but it is amplified.  Timing becomes key, as does having the right lens ready.  Sometimes a wide angle lens is the best choice – especially if you want to capture the entire the sky. Other times, just a regular everyday lens works perfectly.  The thing about Kentucky that makes it the perfect place to try this out are the rolling hills – they are low enough for you to see what’s coming and high enough to provide interest in the photo.


Try it out.  You might be surprised by what you get.



All photos are by the author.

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