All in Black and White

I love black and white photographs.  There’s a certain kind of depth that is revealed when you strip all the color out of a photo.  It’s almost like you are being handed a back stage pass.  Not all photos evoke the same feeling when you see them stripped of color.  It’s only those that are special that work in black and white…and somehow you just know which ones those are when you see the color version for the first time.

Here are some of my personal favorites…

The Louvre, Paris (photo by author)
Longwood Plantation, Mississippi (photo by author)
The Louvre, Paris (photo by author)
Tower of London, London (photo by author)
Notre Dame, Paris (photo by author)
Bibb County, Alabama (photo by author)
South Carolina back roads (photo by author)
North Dakota (photo by author)
Lexington, Kentucky (photo by author)
Churchill Downs, Kentucky (photo by author)
Sleepy Hollow, New York (photo by author)
Old Mill, New York (photo by author)

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