Tavern on the Green

We flew in to New York City early one glorious Sunday morning.  It was one of those fall days with high blue skies and a cool breeze drifting through the air.  Everything felt crisp and alive as we strolled through Central Park to our destination – Tavern on the Green.

For some reason I grew up thinking this place was unobtainable to me – the lair of celebrities and the rich.  To have this chance for a Sunday brunch on such a beautiful day was a treat.  We were seated outside on the patio, and despite it being a bit chilly, the surrounding fall color from the Central Park trees added a magical glow.  First up – alcohol, courtesy of a mimosa and a Bellini.  Next was the main course, all eaten with a healthy side of people watching. A couple at a nearby table had come for coffee and pastry. The pastry was in the form of the largest cinnamon bun I have ever seen.  It virtually took up an entire dinner plate.

We finished our meal as the sun warmed our faces.  Then it was back out for a stroll in the park on our way to somewhere new.

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