Bloomin’ Spring

As the days start to get a bit longer and the early buds of tulip trees burst into bloom, I am reminded of a day last year about this time.  I spent several hours roaming the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my camera.  I think everyone there was like me – ready for Old Man Winter to hibernate and make way for spring.


I hadn’t been to the Gardens in years.  Not really sure why, but I guess as you get older finding the time to just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings becomes harder.  For some reason, coming today to walk around, I really didn’t expect to have much company.  I was surprised at how busy the Gardens actually were because in my mind I never would have imagined.  There were little girls in fairy costumes (no, I wasn’t drinking during my visit) getting their pictures made – mommies and daddies standing nearby.


Out on the front lawn was a bride being photographed, the slight early spring breeze causing her veil to float in the air.  Random people were sprinkled around the grass, laying on blankets, reading or sleeping.  I noticed an elderly couple roaming around the rose garden as if they didn’t have a care in the world.


Tulips were bursting into bloom in bold pinks, yellows and purples.  The small garden shop on the grounds was spilling out with all sorts of unique clay pots, bird feeders and those little windmills in all the colors of the rainbow.


I noticed a small group of amateur photographers like me walking around with a guide from the Gardens (huh, didn’t know that was available….maybe next time).  There were some fast walkers, taking advantage of the early spring weather and the paved walking path.Although there were people scattered around everywhere, you could still find spaces of quiet – the creek by the bamboo in the Japanese Garden in particular was a nice spot.

All and all I highly recommend a day out in the Gardens – even if you aren’t someone with a green thumb or with a camera in your hand.  It is a remarkable place, well,  to just be – without all the distractions of a busy life.


The blooms, a few birds and frogs, the wind and the sunshine are waiting…

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